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Below you will find three registration possibilities. Please read through the descriptions of the available service packages. When you've selected one, you will be automatically taken to the registration form, and you can create a business card for your firm.

1,00 €/Month

You can create a business card, list your firm in up to three categories, and add an announcement to our ads market.Register now
3,00 €/Month

You have the additional possibility to list your fim in up to six categories.
  • Here you can add a picture to your business card.
  • You can send an electronic newsletter to interested customers.
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6,00 €/Month

Thus you can inform your customers about new products and features and current special offers, and appeal to a wider circle of customers.
Presentation of your business card can be expanded to include space for three images, and spots in nine categories. Additionally this level includes the following advantages:
  • Your web banner appears in select locations, including our start page.
  • You will be listed first in category and other searches
  • You can send an electronic newsletter to interested customers.
  • You can send product brochures to interested customers.
This extensive enlargement of your Internet presence gives you the possibility to quickly, simply and affordably broaden the circle of interest in your products and services.Register now