FZ COMPACT SPINNING LINES, design for demanding users dealing on competitive markets, feature:

Flexibility in production
The FZ lines are configured to process a wide range of deniers and different fibres. Color changes are fast and efficiently accomplished with a minimum of waste yarn.

Realiability of the production system
Proven, high performance quality components and innovative technology are installed on the EZ lines. Digital process control and high automation level.

Constancy and reproduction of yarn quality
Deniers accuracy, filaments regularity, color evenness

Labor-saving, cost effective and simple operation
The FZ lines are entirely controlled from ground level. The number of interventions by wirkers are reduced to a minimum. Energy efficent components have been selected and maintenance requiren´ments are low.

Low investment/fast return on investment
The FZ lines will be fully operational within 2 days from installation. Step by step investment is encouraged and allows to gradually extend and complete the entire investment project in accordance with market requirements.

"Turn Key" package
Free installation and start-up of the lines are included as well as know-how in fibre production and Masterbatch production. Possibility of free training.

Yarns produced on FZ Compact Spinning Lines can be further processed, depending on the final enduse, on twisting machines and texturing machines and find, amongst others, their applications in mattress tickings, bed covers, hammocks, upholstery fabrics, narrow fabrics, belts, elastics, travel and sport bags, embroidery and trimmings, sportswear, sport socks and men socks, knitted fabrics, hydro repellent fabrics and fabrics for medical use.

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Name:S. Franchi
Address:Via Jucker 51
20025 Legnano (MI)

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